# Monday, January 28, 2013
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You can have some difficulty installing the agent when you created your account with a Microsoft Account.

Linked to this Microsoft Account, a Local Account is automatically created and linked to the Microsoft Account.

There are a few ways to find the login for that Local Account:

  1. From the user profiles screen

  2. Or an easier way ;-) from the users directory C:\Users

After the agree screen you will be asked for some credentials they should be entered as following:

In case of following errors:

  1. You haven't sufficient rights to install the service.
    Most likely you didn't provide the domain or computer name correctly or you prefixed the login ".\login" which will not work.
  2. We cannot add the "logon as a service" to this account.
    This error can also be generated when the domain or computer name are missing or incorrect.
    You can check this in the Security Policy Settings: